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Cumberland Island Camping.

We went with a great group of of old and new friends. When we weren’t at the beach you could usually find Phia gushing over baby Max, holding hands with Penny, or playing in the palmetto clearings and climbing trees with the boys.

However, Phia wandered out of camp once (looking for Mommy when I was supposed to be watching her) and got lost for the first time ever. She said it was “like a nightmare” and I felt like crap but hopefully we both learned a lesson.

Phia said that jumping/floating over big waves with me was her favorite part but she just really loves the whole experience. At one point she said to me, “Isn’t everything just perfect when we’re camping, Daddy?” And even though by the last night she was covered in bug bites, sunburnt, and filthy, she still cuddled me by the campfire and said, “I love camping, daddy.”

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Beautiful weather for a Labor Day weekend camping trip!

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Ready for my close up!

Ready for my close up!

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Road selfies.

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Big night! Phia was so excited to finally get her Bronze Medal in Gymnastics!

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I wouldn't go that far... LOL!

  • When I got home from work, Phia was soaking in the tub so I went in to enjoy the new TV for a few minutes. I was just stretching a bit and watching Hard Knocks when Phia ran into the living room and jumped on me...
  • Phia: I love you! I love you!
  • Daddy: Oh, I love you too!
  • Phia: You're the best Daddy ever! I missed you so much!
  • Daddy: Oh, you're so sweet...have you just been waiting for me to get home all day?
  • Phia: Well, not exactly. I've been playing with my Mommy.

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Phia dressed as Glenda the Good Witch to watch The Wizard of Oz on our new TV: 65” 4K Curved! Complete with the obligatory how2beadad #bananaforscale!

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  • Phia: Can I have a banana?
  • Mommy: If you eat your spaghetti you can have a banana.
  • Phia: Peeled wholly?
  • Mommy: Yes, you can have it 'peeled wholly'.
  • Phia: That's what I like to hear!

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She turned my world upside down and I love it.

She turned my world upside down and I love it.

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Facepainting, balloon animals, and fun with the kiddos at the roller derby!

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