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This was actually the first time Phia has been to play here and I would say it was a hit. We also walked down onto Riverstreet where we:

  • read some of the names from the WWII monument,
  • tipped a blues player,
  • got a beer and a coke,
  • danced to the music at the stage,
  • walked through the First Friday arts and crafts booths,
  • watched a cargo ship, a ferry, and a “paddle” boat go by,
  • quick changed into some dry clothes in the bathroom of Spanky’s
  • checked out the comfort of some hanging chairs/hammocks
  • and played in the sandbox complete with beached boat. Phia wanted to play on top of the boat of course.

As we were walking back to the car, I couldn’t resist seeing her face so I took her into the Candy Kitchen.  We watched them make salt-water taffy (with free taste test), tried some fresh pralines, and bought a couple flavors of chocolate bark. She was so good though - she didn’t beg for anything else after we picked one thing; she only wanted to walk around and look at everything again.

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